Who are We?


Education Ladder provides relevant educational information and tools for parents to develop an increasing ability to better enable their child to achieve whole person development. We offer valuable information to parents on their child's potential, tips and advice on gaining admission to their dream schools ranging from kindergartens right up to universities, and we take pride in working closely with parents and clients to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible approach in choosing the  school that is the best fit for their child.     Facilitating students and parents to gain a better understanding of studying opportunities.  

Education Ladder  is the admission expert that ensures the process of finding education providers in Hong Kong is simple and easy.    We help students navigate the application process of the Hong Kong education system, providing advice and recommendation through our school placement service.  We focus on delivering a highly personalized consultation service to the parents.  

We partner with Oxford Academy in providing UK summer tours to students every year,  students from age 8 to 15 can visit the Oxford Campus and enjoy learning English and different subjects every summer.  We also work closely with schools in providing in-school training services including but not limited to Leadership Training Program, English, and have also expanded to offer sporting and dancing classes recently.  

We regularly organise Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Admissions Seminars and Workshops and participate in Education Expo in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre for parents to provide them with updated information to make better decisions.


 Education Expert   -  Mr P Chiu Education Expert and ex La Salle College Principal)

  • Hong Kong Institute of Counselors Honorary Advisor, served as Chairman of the Association for eight years
  • Former vice president of the former La Salle College, served as vice chairman of the Board of Education and Family Affairs Committee
  • A member of the Disciplinary Committee of the Social Work Registration Division.
  • A member of the Hong Kong Education Book Company and is familiar with Hong Kong's education and the Hong Kong School of Education
  • Acted as a speaker for more than 5 years in Education Ladder
  • Education Ladder can arrage personal consultation for parents to meet with P Chiu


Finance & HR Director  - Joe Cheng 

  • Graduated at the University of Leeds, major in Finance and Accounting
  • Worked in the finance area for more than 18 years
  • Managed all financial and legal matters 


Director of Consultation & Interview Trainer   -  Judy To 

  • Worked in education industry for more than 13 years.
  • Familiar with the private, international schools in both HK and Australia
  • Worked in the US Listed company as a department head in managing test prep SAT, IELTS, English and Putonghua Division and managing the marketing of local and overseas admissions for years.
  • Taught Primary & Seconday School students in English, Grammar and conversation, assist the students to get admitted to dreamed schools successfully  
  • Taught in Secondary School and arranged teacher to teach in schools  
  • Provided consultation to parents whose kids are in local and international schools, school transfers and arranged professional consultations by referring the right source to parents with different needs. 




International Admissions Consultant  - Katie Choi

  • Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws from Sydney University.
  • Master of Laws from the University of London.
  • Stations in Sydney, Australia in managing Australian overseas study, including Secondary and Universities for Hong Kong, Mainland China and Macau students.




Education Consultant US - Marie Elguria

  • ​Worked in education for more than 15 years
  • Acted as the curriculum director in California, US for more than 8 years
  • Familiar with the US education system and culture
  • Have a strong network with more than 112 community colleges
  • Assisted more than 70% of the students to get into the Ivy League Universities
  • Assisted international students in U.S. for any urgent matter arises



English Tutor  - Jim Cook (from Seattle, US)

  • ​Graduated in Washington State University, Cambridge University CELTA
  • Taught English to Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School students with a number of years.


     Eunice Wong (Australian NET teacher)


Chinese Tutor - Carol Xiang

  • ​WIth HKPSC certification
  • Use Putonghua to teach chinese, with experience in teaching debate, writing, speech 

Administrative Officer - Hazel Ha

Editorial Team

Jim Cook,  Phoebe Chan, Hazel Ha


Back office Staff

Joey, Amy Cheng